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Episode 155 - It's exciting the knowledge the oldest-old can teach us


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Highlights of the Episode


00:44-What is the 90 plus study?

02:24-What allows people to live to the age of 90 and beyond?

02:42-What types of food do they eat?

03:33-How can people prevent memory loss?

04:06-What kinds of things can people change in order to live longer?

04:28-How did the study work? 

05:17-What is one of the most interesting findings to come out of the study?

06:28-Almost 80% of people over 90 are disabled.

07:43-Staying active as you age is key for good health.

08:33-How many minutes per week should you be active? 

09:10-You need a structured exercise program.

10:01- What does a healthy balanced diet look like? 

11:00-How much water should you be drinking daily?

12:16-What should you be taking out of your diet?

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