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Episode 153-Five of the worse foods for your health and to promote longevity


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Highlights of the Episode


01:00-Mediterranean diet contributes to longevity.

01:45-Five worse foods you can eat.

02:11-One in Five deaths is linked to poor diet.

02:36-Number one on the list is processed meats.

03:52-No current guidelines on consuming processed meats.

04:45-Americans consume over 50% more sodium then the FDA recommends.

05:17-Ultra processed foods are the second worst thing you can eat.

08:01-When eating for health stay away from fried or over grilled foods.

10:35-Sweetners are linked to chronic illness.

11:10-What is the M.I.N.D diet?

14:35-Eat unprocessed well balanced whole food diet.

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