Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 152 - Conquer your deficiency of this simple mineral that has such a big impact.


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Highlights of The Episode


00:56-The likely hood of most people having a deficiency of Magnesium.

01:36-Second most abundant mineral in our body. 

02:10-How does magnesium help you live longer?

02:47-Magnisiums help regenerate our cells.

03:31-Lack of magnesium can adversely affect your cells. 

4:32-How does magnesium affects overall health? 

05:01-How does it affect your heart health? 

07:30-Damage caused by low magnesium levels will slowly affect the body. 

08:50-What is the gold standard to test for magnesium?

09:45-Why should you test your levels?

10:09- What foods are high in Magnesium?

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