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Episode 15 - Special Guest - Dave Donnelly


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Highlights of the Episode


00:12 - Who is Dave Donnelly?

 00:50 - Where Dave’s facilities are located?

 01:57 - What is Dave’s “why”?

 03:47 - What are the advantages to having local physical therapy facilities available to the public?

 05:41 - Dave explains what sets his facilities apart from other facilities in the area

 08:36 - Chris discusses his and his client’s positive experiences to Advance Physical Therapy services

 09:50 - Dave discusses how he has been able to have a positive impact on the community for so long

 10:16 - Dave explains ways to save money on your co-pays

 12:06 - How can someone determine when it's time to go to the orthopedic, when it's time to just see the physical therapist and when it's time to say, "You know what, let's just continue to exercise through that pain"?

 14:35 - Dave and Chris discuss the value of a free evaluation at Advance Physical Therapy

 17:08 - What are some of the things that could be going on in the knee that could be causing that, and when, maybe, they should go see someone or maybe they shouldn't

 19:10 - What are some of the things that people are doing out there now that is maybe causing bad backs, and some things that maybe they can do to prevent that?

 23:07 - Chris drops a knowledge bomb on engaging the core and teaching patterning

 24:26 - Dave explains some of the dangers when you lift without engaging the core properly

 25:38 - Things people can do that sit all day long to help their health

 27:26 - Dave gives some advice on how to help prevent shoulder pain caused by poor habits and posture

 28:50 - Dave and Chris discuss how during the interview process lifestyle information that will lead to your healing

 31:45 - Do you need to stop exercising if you are in physical therapy?

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