Y.E.S. Fitness "Functional Longevity" Podcast

Episode 145-5 of the most exciting scientist breakthroughs to increase your health-span


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Y.E.S. Fitness “Functional Longevity” Podcast Episode 144 

01:12-Today’s topic is 5 scientific breakthroughs.

03:06- A study published in 2020 showed it’s possible to reprogram old cells. 

05:25-How can you affect your aging cells?

06:58 –What exciting clinical trials are set to take place in 2021?

07:43-These advancements could increase the human lifespan.

08:20–What is organ rewiring?

08:32-What does Elon Musk have to do with all of this?

09:51-How will these advancements help people with disabilities?

11:45-What is an organ system?

12:08-It may be possible to reverse biological aging.

14:44-How can this research help stop the effects of age related disease.

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