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Episode 135 - Sleep in a Cool Room


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00:46 - What are we talking about today? 

01:54 - What is the goal of our core body temperature? 

02:41 - What affects our body temperature? 

03:23 - What happens to our bodies when we’re too hot? 

03:46 - What happens to our bodies when we’re cold? 

4: 07 - What range is our core temperature during the day? 

04:37 - How much does our temperature fluctuate during the day? 

05:31 - What is a good temperature for a sleeping environment? 

06:12 - What are the scientific reasons why a room temperature of 65 is optimal for sleeping? 

07:23 - What is the most important factor in achieving quality sleep? 

09:06 - What are the benefits to sleeping in a cool room? 

10:45 - What are the benefits of melatonin? 

09:25 - What does the human growth hormone (HTH) do for us during sleep? 

11:32 - Can sleeping in a cool room help with weight loss? 

11:45 - What did the study say about sleeping in a cool room with diabetes? 

12:13 - Is there anti-aging properties associated with sleeping in a cool room? 

14:00 - What tips does Chris have for preparing our environment for sleep?

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