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Episode 134 - Proper Recovery will Maximize Results


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00:46 - What are we talking about today? 

01:46 - Balancing the amount of stimulus to create the response we need? 

02:53 - What does recovery, do for you? 

03:33 - What is the definition of recovery? 

03:54 - What is regeneration? 

4: 07 - Who is Brandon Marcello? 

10:40 - Where is the line in balancing training with recovery days? 

04:30 - What is pre-recovery? 

04:58 - Is there such a thing as over training? 

06:10 - What is male adaptation syndrome? 

06:30 - When we’re training, what are we trying to recover? 

07:04 - What makes up the autonomic nervous system? 

09:25 - What does sleep deprivation do to our bodies? 

11:50 - When is cryotherapy good for a recovery technique? 

13:02 - Is CBD oil good for recovery? 

13:37 - A steam rooms/saunas good for recovery? 

13:55 - Is a float tank (century deprivation chamber) good for recovery? 

14:08 - Are pool workouts good for recovery? 

14:37 - Are underwater massages good for recovery? 

14:42 - Are hot tubs good for recovery? 

15:00 - Is a cold plunge good for recovery? 

15:24 - Is a contrast shower good for recovery? 

15:34 - Are compression garments good for recovery? 

15:42 - Is meditation good for recovery? 

16:00 - Is Tai Chi good for recovery? 

16:03 - Is massage good for recovery? 

16:35 - What are good techniques to do in the coaching center for recovery?

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