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Episode 133 - What is HRV???


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00:46 - What are we talking about today? 

02:53 - What is HRV? 

04:23 - What is ANS? 

05:18 - What is the sympathetic branch? 

05:33 - What is the parasympathetic branch? 

8: 55 - What is your training fuel gauge? 

10:40 – Where is the line in balancing training with recovery days? 

11:37 - Why is HRV a sign of fitness? 

13:21 - What is a normal HRV? 

15:26 - What are the factors that go into HRV?

16:02 - How do you improve your HRV variable? 

18:20 - Do wearable devices measure an accurate HRV? 

20:12 - Who is Brandon Marcello? 

22:20 - Is HRV an accurate way to determine how we should be training?

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