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Episode 132 - Special Guest - Jordan Rudolph


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00:00 - Who is our special guest today? 

03:27 - Why did Chris change the name to Functional Longevity Podcast? 

04:54 - What makes for a good personal trainer? 

06:40 - Is a TPI Level 1 screen required for Golf fitness? 

08:55 - How could our clients benefit from seeing a TPI Certified Pro for an assessment? 

11:07 - Jordan is a Fitness Level 2 Coach, what makes him different from a Fitness Level 1 Coach? 

13:01 - Is Jordan able to do Fitness screens virtually? 

15:44 - What’s the definition of mobility? 

16:04 - What’s the definition of flexibility? 

16:08 - What’s the difference between mobility and flexibility? 

17:40 - Would a general fitness program improve someone’s golf game more than just stretching their hamstrings? 

19:49 - What is the definition of power and how does it transfer to golf? 

23:37 - What types of exercises can help our clients with their rotational movements? 

26:13 - What is the most important part of a strength program? 

27: 33 - What would you see in a well-designed strength program for a golf enthusiast? 

30:43 - What would a program look like to improve aerobic capacity for golf? 

34:23 - Does exercise help out with the mental part of the golf game? 

36:34 - What one or two nutritional things would you tell someone to help with their golf game? 

39:58 - What would you tell someone to look for to find the right exercise program?

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