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Episode 13 - Find the Right Person


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Highlights of the Episode


01:31 - Why it is important to find the right coach for you.

 03:53 - Think of your coach as a guide that will help navigate you to achieving your goals.

 06:30 - The truths about acquiring a personal training certification.

 09:17 - Chris discusses the dangers of not choosing the correct coach.

 13:01 - Step one, check out the coach’s reviews.

 15:54 - Take the coach through an interview process.

 20:13 - Why is it importance of the intake process and questions you should ask?

 22:24 - What does the goal setting process look like.

 25:47 - Does the coach layout a plan for you based upon your schedule?

 27:04 - Chris’ final thought on what to look for in choosing a coach or fitness facility.

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