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Episode 129 - Special Guest - Alwyn Cosgrove


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00:00 - Who is our special guest today? 

00:43 - Who is Alwyn Cosgrove? 

04:27 - How important is recovery for better results? 

04:50 - What does weight training and recovery do to your muscle tissue? 

06:34 - How does Alwyn come up with his rest periods in a workout? 

07:40 - Why do we do corrective exercises? 

08:27 - What does Alwyn think of fatigue? 

09:25 - What is progressive overload? 

09:53 - What’s the importance of progressive overload in a strength training program? 

13:10 - What happened with training and recovery in the 60’s and 70’s? 

14:16 - What was Alwyn’s experience back in the day weight lifting? 

16:04 - What does Alwyn think of recovery days in between workouts? 

20:00 - What does Alwyn think of using a heart rate monitor for cardio workouts? 

22:22 - How does your heart rate equate to improving your aerobic capacity and fat loss? 

25:25 - What is the hierarchy of fat loss? 

27:01 - What is metabolic resistance training? 

27:30 - What are Alwyn’s three rules with fat loss? 

29:51 - What would Alwyn recommend for supplements and weight loss? 

32:56 - What is at the top of Chris’ hierarchy for longevity? 

34:48 - What is the top of Alwyn’s hierarchy of exercise? 

36:48 - What does Alwyn feel is super important? 

38:56 - What is the answer to most client’s questions? 

40:24 - How does Alwyn define fitness? 

41:56 - What does Alwyn think are the two options with most things? 

43:03 - What does Alwyn think of the idea of functional longevity? 

45:12 - Why does Alwyn think the sandbag is so important? 

50:30 - What muscles are involved in pitching a baseball? 

51:07 - What does Alwyn consider the core? 

53:20 - Alwyn’s closing comments on functional longevity.

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