Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 125 - Special Guest Grace Barnick-Damazo


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00:00 - What housekeeping do we have today? 

01:57   - What are we talking about today? 

02:48 - Who is our special guest today? 

05:18 - What is it like training a military spouse? 

07:58 - How do we set powerful goals and make them actionable? 

11:14 - What does Grace suggest we focus on daily to achieve our goals? 

14:38 - How does Grace handle willpower with her clients? 

15:40 - What things will drain your willpower battery? 

17:48 - What does sleep do for your willpower? 

19:45 - What helps people who have no willpower? 

22:14 - What can I do to stay motivated toward my goals? 

29:45 - What are three essential elements of a successful health & fitness routine? 

32:52 - What does Chris think has kept Y.E.S. Fitness in business in 2020? 

33:35 - What is the importance of a plan and a program? 

37:04 - What’s the difference between writing a workout and writing a program? 

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