Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 124 - Special Guests - Christine and Rich Masotti


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00:00 - Who are our special guests today? 

00:50 - Why did Masotti’s join Y.E.S. Fitness? 

02:00 - What were they thinking about when the pandemic hit? 

03:49 - How does Rich get more equipment so fast? 

04:58 - How did Rich put his gym at home together? 

06:03 - How do they keep their structure? 

07:46 - What is different about their programs since they’ve been working out at home? 

10:48 - Are our workouts enough? 

12:14 - Are they getting stronger with the Bridge workouts? 

13:30 - Do they prefer working out at home or in the facility? 

14:40 - How do they credit Y.E.S. Fitness for keeping their routine going? 

07:05 - Does Rich think he’s in the best shape of his life? 

17:44 - How does Christine feel since working out at home? 

19:30 - What do they miss about coming into the facility? 

23:32 - What do they think about the Bridge app? 

26:21 - What would they tell someone who might be interested in remote coaching?

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