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Episode 119 - Gratitude


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What is our housekeeping today? 

02:28 - What are we talking about today? 

02:44 - What is gratitude? 

02:55 - What are the benefits of gratitude? 

  04:03 - What good is gratitude? 

04:25 - Where do we start with gratitude? 

04:51 - What are the physical benefits of consistently practicing gratitude? 

05:50 - What are the psychological benefits of consistently practicing gratitude? 

06:09 - What are the social benefits of consistently practicing gratitude? 

06:54 - What is the first component of gratitude? 

07:23 - What is the second component of gratitude? 

08:24 - Why does gratitude have transformative effects on people’s lives? 

11:58 - What are the challenges of practicing gratitude? 

13:57 - How can you cultivate gratitude?

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