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Episode 116 - Strength Training a Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life - 2


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - What is our housekeeping for today? 

01:36 - What’s our Thanksgiving schedule? 

02:32 - What are we talking about today? 

03:09 - What did Chris announce today? 

04:00 - Why is strength training so important for your health? 

05:56 - What study did Chris go over today? 

08:04 - Is it necessary to lift weights 3 days a week? 

08:51 - What is another benefit to strength training? 

10:14 - How long do you burn fat after strength training? 

12:28 - How does strength training affect your metabolic rate? 

14:21 - How can strength training help you reduce fat? 

16:27 - What happened in the 10 week study? 

17:50 - How does strength training low blood pressure? 

19:55 - How does strength training affect your blood lipid profile? 

21:35 - What is Chris’s 12 week program Get Stronger, Live Longer? 

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