Y.E.S. Fitness "Longevity" Podcast

Episode 108 - Special Guest - Diane Marshall


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Highlights of the Episode


00:00 - Who is our special guest today? 

00:27 - What is our housekeeping this week? 

02:54 - Why did Diane come back to Y.E.S. Fitness at this time? 

06:18 - What does Diane think of the nutritional support she’s getting from Y.E.S. Fitness? 

07:50 - Why is Diane modifying some of her exercises? 

08:16 - Does Diane like the family atmosphere at Y.E.S. Fitness?

09:49 - What has Diane accomplished since starting at Y.E.S. Fitness? 

10:38 - What is Diane’s favorite and least favorite exercise? 

11:09 - How’s Diane’s tennis game since starting at Y.E.S. Fitness? 

11:33 - Does Diane like using a heart rate monitor in class? 

12:26 - What is the purpose of using heart rate monitors in a cardiovascular workout? 

14:58 - Did Diane have any reservations about coming back with COVID restrictions? 

20:38 - If Diane knew somebody on the fence about checking us out, what would she tell them? 

22:42 - How does Diane feel after coming back from a broken wrist?

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