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Why it's good to elevate Cortisol levels for better results!


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Highlights of the Episode

1:50 Cortisol is thought to be “evil”.
2:30 How the body uses hormones.
2:50 Cortisol impacting calories that you eat.
3:38 Cortisol is the 911 hormone.
4:45 Cortisol is the Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde hormone.
6:40 We want cortisol levels high when exercising, low when we are not.
7:50 Cortisol can help burn fat.
9:55 Cause of belly-fat.
10:15 Cortisol and thyroid activity.
11:05 Cortisol and food cravings.
12:40 How to regulate cortisol.
13:35 Meal eating frequency.
15:20 Post-workout shake.
16:10 Exercising
16:45 Take time for relaxing!
18:45 Rest-based living lowers cortisol. 

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