Attention Burlington! If you have never worked out or it's been a long time, this program is for you. Looking to finally put yourself first? Ditch quick fixes, and make a true, sustainable long term change in your health and fitness?

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"I'm Having Trouble Jump-Starting My Exercise Program?"

(I can't find the right time or the right way?)

Tone-up performing exercises selected specifically for you that have the greatest impact on helping you achieve your goals.

‚ÄčLose fat while following a meal plan that works with your lifestyle and takes all the guesswork out of eating.

 Have peace of mind knowing your coach will guide you every step of the way to maximize your results and stay injury-free.

Burlington's Only Coaching Center to Specialize in Helping Women Over 40 Get Into Shape and Live Their Best Lives!

 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start Program is Right for You!

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Hear what Joanne has to say...

“I started at Y.E.S. Fitness just about one year ago. At the time, I was taking care of three family members over the age of 85. Seeing them struggle in their daily activities made me look at myself and ask, will I be like them when I’m their age? I was a member of a local gym, but wasn’t seeing any progress in my fitness and weight loss. I was at my heaviest weight and had knee pain. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but knew I had to do something. After three weeks, I noticed the first sign that I was finally seeing a change. The staff at Y.E.S. continually help you stay focused on your goals and guide you in a safe way to a better fitness level. The people you meet and work out with are supportive and accepting, you’ll never feel uncomfortable. Invest in yourself, we will all be old one day. Let’s not struggle through our “golden” years.”  

- Joanne

Who is this program for?

Not every exercise program is right for everyone. But if your...

  • Depressed, you've tried before and failed
  • Frustrated you lost weight only to regain all back 
  • Disappointed by being let down by other programs
  • Confused from going it alone
  • Fedup looking for a solution
  • Tired and don't feel good about yourself
  • Scared of getting injured

This program is right for you!


If you are stressed over starting an exercise program our 30-Day "Fit 40" women's jump-start program is perfect for you! 

Imagine exercising in a comfortable, friendly environment with our 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start Program, a $347 value for only $97. See how easy and fun exercise can be! 

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Why Wait??

This is a ONE OF A KIND program, NO GIMMICKS and this is NOT A DIET. This 3 part program is based upon today’s most current scientific research. Over the past 30 years, we've helped hundreds of people change their lives. The Y.E.S. Fitness coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. We provide a fun, supportive community. Our expert coaches guide our members every step of the way keeping them safe while challenging them as they progress. It’s like no other coaching center in the Burlington area. 

Nutrition Protocols Tested By Science and By Real People - No Gimmicks

• Customized nutrition plan designed by industry experts to fit anyone’s taste.

 • Portion specific recipes to ensure proper caloric intake.

• 30 days of menus to take the guesswork out of your nutrition.

• Healthy, easy to make meals to ensure proper nutrient intake to maximize results.

• Hydration formula to promote maximum fat loss.

Metabolic Burning Fat Loss Protocols Tested By Science and Real People

• Flexible scheduling to fit 3-5 workouts/week.

• Scientifically designed metabolic workouts to “melt” fat off your body for up to 72 hours after your workout.
• Individualized strength programs to promote building muscle to boost your metabolism for long term fat loss.
• Professional coaching staff by your side the whole way.
• Recovery formula to keep your body and mind fresh for your workouts.
Proactive Accountability Techniques and Community Building
• Positive check-ins to create the right mindset for success.
• Weekly InBody scan to adjust the plan if necessary to ensure fat loss.
• Weekly accountability check-in with your coach to keep you on track.
• Access to our unconditionally supportive community.

Take advantage of our over 30 years of experience and expertise with our time-tested formula!

GET started with our 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start program, a $347 value for ONLY $97, and start moving and feeling better TODAY!

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Y.E.S. Fitness Success Story

“I have lost ten pounds and two pant sizes in six months." 

"I have ran my first 5K which I could not run before because of a lack of stamina and knee problems. I’ve increased my overall strength with the dedicated coaches' support and encouragement. They push me in a “safe way”. The personal attention received is superior to other local training facilities I have frequented.”


"I have lots of energy, and better habits have stuck!"

"For most of my adult life, I had pretty good about exercise and healthy eating. When I turned forty, however, my body changed. My weight slowly went up, parts of my body headed south, and I didn’t feel strong anymore. So I decided to try out Y.E.S. in late January. By combining my new eating plan with three or four Y.E.S. classes a week, I’ve lost more than 10 pounds, I feel stronger, and I’ve lightened up. I sleep well, I have lots of energy, and the better habits have stuck! All in only two months!"


Here's What You Get...

  • Discover exactly how to get the MOST out of your efforts.
  • Time-tested formula used by me over the last thirty years.
  • Skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop YOU from getting results and go right to the proven techniques.
  • Know exactly what exercises to do. What foods to eat and not to eat.
  • Have a ton of energy, your clothes will fit better, be happy with the person looking back at you in the mirror. 

Y.E.S. Fitness Success Story




I want to start my 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start program, a $347 value for ONLY $97, and start getting the benefit from exercise I DESERVE!

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So Here's The Bottom Line With Our "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start Program

We will design your plan that will: 

• Minimize soreness so you feel great after your workout and days to come!!

• Eliminate the trial and error of random exercise and random workouts that don’t work.

• Have you performing exercises that will have the greatest impact on helping you achieve your goals.

• Coaches to help you stay injury free.

• Give you support, encouragement, motivation from our coaches, and Y.E.S. Fitness family in our non-intimidating environment.

• Take all the guesswork out of eating with an eating plan that works with your current lifestyle.

• Teach you proper recovery techniques so your body has no soreness and is properly prepared for your next workout and everyday life’s activities.  

We help people over 40 get into shape and live their best lives! 

GET started with our 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start program for ONLY $97 and see how AWESOME you will look and feel!

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Y.E.S. Success Story

"I am in the best shape I've been in years!" 

"I was going to another gym for years. I got in great shape but I just found myself going less and less. There just wasn't enough motivation to get me there, so I would just pay the monthly fee, and I wouldn't go. So I called Y.E.S., stopped by, met Chris, I came in, and I stayed! I lost a good bit of weight and gained a healthy habit. I really enjoy the workouts and I'm probably in the best shape I've been in years. The environment is very supportive. It’s results-oriented. I think that's what keeps me coming back. I see progress."


"I am now sleeping better and have much more energy!"

"I have been coming to Y.E.S. Fitness for 10 years. I never had the motivation to push myself to come more frequently.  I made Y.E.S. a part of my regular daily routine. After a few months I noticed some changes in myself. I was getting stronger and feeling a lot better. For years I struggled with knee problems. After just a few weeks of working out 5-6 times a week my knee pain started to improve! I am now sleeping better and have much more energy. The combination of increased workouts and better food choices has enabled me to lose 15 pounds."


Success With Our Programs!

Consider this program a jump-start to get on the right track. It doesn’t take much; a couple of missed workouts, a splurge here and there, a few drinks, and before you know it the extra pounds are here! 
It adds up quickly both in pounds and inches. Get on track now!
"Fit 40" will help transform your life so you…. 
• Love the way your clothes fit! 
• Feel great about yourself!
• Enhance your flexibility!
• Have more energy!
You’re not alone! Many people struggle with getting started. 
"Fit 40" utilizes our proven “Tri-Sculpt” Success Blueprint to get more energy, lose those unwanted pounds, trim inches off your body, and feel great about yourself! The Tri-Sculpt Success Blueprint is a perfectly balanced exercise, nutrition, and accountability program designed to produce incredible results in just 30 days! The Tri-Sculpt Success Blueprint has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and lives with this simple, easy-to-follow blueprint. You can be next!  
You’re not going to find a faster, more effective approach to transforming your body and life. You’re definitely not going to find it for less than the cost of a few personal training sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life – click the button below and get started TODAY! 

Experience the success you've always wanted and dreamed of!

30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start Program is Right for ME!

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Y.E.S. Success Story

“Best Christmas present ever!”

“I started working out at Y.E.S. Fitness six years ago working with a coach once a week. Since then I have lost a total of 20 lbs., I am stronger than I have ever been in my life and I have permanently changed the way I eat. Plus, I completed my first ten-day adventure trip in Croatia.”


“I’ve lost 8 lbs. in less than three months!”

“Working out at Y.E.S. Fitness is a very personally rewarding experience. I improved my nutrition, along with exercise and my body has toned up and my pants notice a significant difference, plus I sleep better.”

 100% No-Risk Guarantee

See If Any Of These Apply To You...

Right now you have a unique opportunity – you’re getting the proven system to completely transform your life in just 30 days. Most systems take months or even years to produce results – that is if they give you results. 

What’s even better is that you don’t have to pay $1,000s for personal training, do extreme workouts, or eat food that tastes disgusting! Instead you’re getting our entire "Fit 40" Tri-Sculpt Success Blueprint for just… 


When you participate in our "Fit 40" Program, follow the training and nutrition plans as laid out by our certified professionals using our Tri-Sculpt Success Blueprint and you still aren’t happy with your results at the end, we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked! We are so confident in our program that we are offering this guarantee just for participating. You have nothing to lose!! 

This program will result in any or all of the following: 

• Fat loss 

• Feeling and looking fabulous

• More restful sleep

• Self-confidence boost

• Extra energy

• Improved mood

• Become habit forming

"Fit 40" isn’t simply a cookie-cutter program. It is for anyone looking to see positive changes in how they feel, increased energy levels, body fat and mindset. The best way to get back on track is to dive right into the program, commit to yourself. Prevent the “I’ll start tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “It costs too much” excuses and apply now! It is 100% guaranteed, risk free!

When you sign up you have committed to yourself for just 30 days. 

When was the last time you really focused on yourself? 

Put yourself first? Feeling “defeated"? Wish you had more drive to focus on yourself?  

What better time than now? 

The Tri-Sculpt Success Blueprint is a proven formula, combining personalized exercise programming, metabolism boosting nutrition and precise accountability systems to transform your body and LIFE

Exercise with peace of mind knowing there is no financial risk! 

GET started with our 30-Day "Fit 40" Women's Jump-Start program for ONLY $97 

with a 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

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