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Y.E.S. Fitness has an Affordable Program for Every Lifestyle

Let our expert coaches take all the confusion out of exercise. A program designed specifically for you will illuminate all your frustration and provide all the information necessary for your success. Start looking and feel better today!

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Customized Workouts

You feel you need a program that goes the extra mile? Our professional coaching team understands the unique fitness profile of our 40-plus clients. Each coach provides the motivation and expertise our diverse clientele needs.  

Semi-private workouts are customized for your body, your schedule, and your personal goals, at a fraction of the cost for personal training.

You'll receive continued accountability and world-class support; no matter the goal, we've got your back!  We serve each and every individual with the utmost respect and care. And guarantee our members great sessions and great results! Enjoy the comfort of knowing your program is the safest and fastest way to the body and lifestyle you want.

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Group Personal Training

If you love the fun, excitement and camaraderie of group classes then look no further! Workout with people just like you.

GET STRONG, GET LEAN and AFTER-BURN aren't your average classes. They're designed to work together for MAXIMUM results. They are scientifically proven workout formats focused on giving YOU the workout you need.

In a group training environment, our professionally certified Y.E.S. Fitness Team helps deliver dynamic exercises, individually tailored to meet each members’ unique fitness goals. Imagine having fun, being inspired, and motivated with workouts targeting the WHOLE body on a weekly basis.

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Remote Coaching

Can’t get to a gym and need professional guidance? Let us put your mind at ease. With over 20 years of experience in remote coaching, our professional coaches will help you set goals and design a program for your level of fitness and lifestyle.

Have equipment great, but not necessary. You’ll have direct contact with coaches who will guide you through the setup process. Your personalized program will be delivered on your mobile device app. It will track your progress. There is daily accountability and weekly live calls to keep you motivate to achieve your goals.

Schedule Your No Sweat Strategy Session!

30-Day Jump-start

Having trouble jump-starting your exercise program? This program will help you tone-up performing exercises selected specifically for you. Lose fat while following a meal plan that works with your lifestyle. Have piece of mind knowing a coach guides you all the way to maximize your results!

Here is a sample of what you get:

  • A Customized training program to your body, your schedule, and your personal goals
  • Personalized sessions with an expert coach to ensure your safety and results.
  • Access to our fun and dynamic classes
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan based upon foods you like to ensure long term success.
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