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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Oct 09, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even the gloomiest of situations can have a silver lining. Only you can determine your attitude. I found this to be so true recently.

As you know I have been training for the master games. First they were postponed from May to October and now they are cancelled indefinitely.

Now, I am certainly disappointed. Training for almost a year, five to six days a week only to have the games cancelled is a real bummer. As it turns out it was blessing.

On September, 7 Labor Day I headed to the track to perform a workout I had performed successfully three other times. Only this time I wasn’t so successful.  

I did my warm up, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Then after completing 30 minutes of acceleration training, I moved on to my speed training. I positioned myself in the blocks and got into the start position. In my head I said "on your mark, get set, go!" Then exploded out of the blocks. As I landed my first step out of the blocks I fell to the ground. The pain in my right calf was excruciating! I strained my calf. I could barely walk off the track.

I have never strained or pulled any muscle in my life. I had an idea how to treat it but I needed professional help. The race was a little under 6 weeks away.

The next day I took a visit to my friend, Russ a physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy. He told me I didn’t tear anything, no really bad damage but it was a pretty severe strain.

Russ gave me a plan to heal the strain. His plan worked! What he did tell me was it would take 5 weeks until I could actually run at 100%. That put me less than a week before the race. Not training for the 6 weeks prior to an event is not ideal.

There is more. This past weekend, while working on resurfacing my deck I had a miss-step on one of the joist and twisted/bruised my right ankle. YIKES!! I had just reached the point I could run again.

The race would have been 8 days from today. Thee is no way I would have been able to compete. Now that would have been a huge bummer.

So, despite the disappointment of having the race cancelled it was a silver lining. The cancellation is going to allow me to heal completely. I can also continue my training with adjustments to prevent any future calf strains. I will ultimately be able to compete at a higher level!


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