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Everything in Moderation

Sep 24, 2020

There are no more confusing subjects than exercise and nutrition. We eat each and every day of our lives giving us a sense of what and how we should eat. Most people have done some form of exercise in their lives so that should give us a good idea of what to do.  There is constant plethora of exercise and nutrition information coming at us from every angle; magazine covers, celebrities, social media, television. You name the media outlet and it is feeding us exercise and nutrition information. Combine these and bomb we have a mad scientist concocting a secret potion. It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on how one should eat and how we should exercise and in some cases they feel they are experts.

As you might imagine as a fitness coach I find myself in exercise and nutrition discussions all the time. Whether it is about weight loss, athletic performance, disease prevention/treatment or living longer I am constantly talking about exercise and nutrition. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy discussing both. They are extremely important to achieving any health or fitness goal.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion despite the lack of science behind it. Hey, we live in America and we believe in the right of free thought and speech!

The phrase which sends me into a downward spiral of confusion is “everything in moderation”. What exactly does that mean? What is moderation? If you were to google it you would get: the avoidance of excess, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions. Stop right there! No politics in this blog!

Seriously, what does this mean? For some 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, hash browns, home fries and 2 slices of wheat toast washed down with a 16oz. glass of chocolate milk is moderation. It might be if it is half of what they normally eat. To someone else that is an unhealthy feast!

Is only having dessert on the weekend’s considered moderation? Maybe having animal protein for dinner twice a week is moderation. Everyone’s definition of moderation is different. See the quandary I am having?

He is something else I ponder. Why do we leave our health and fitness in the hands of the media? We would never think of flying in an airplane that wasn’t designed by engineers or built by master mechanics. Yet our bodies, our “airplane”, we only get one, we leave it’s fueling in the hands of the media.

80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise for optimal health. 80%! We take better care of our cars than our bodies. Another fad diet, quick fix, and exercise program promising unrealistic results we hear or read about in the media of some sort.  

Americans are heavier and living with more disease than ever! Shouldn’t we be seeking the advice of qualified professionals for our bodies and our lives? We only get one. Is “everything in moderation” putting us on the course of better health and fitness?



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