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See Life Through John Smith's Eyes

Oct 01, 2020

“If you can see life through John Smith’s eyes, you can sell John Smith what John Smith buys”. This is a marketing lesson my business mentor, Alwyn Cosgrove taught me years ago. I apply it to my business daily. To sell a client or to a person in your target market you must first have an in-depth understanding of what they want. What are their needs? To do this you have to have an understanding of how they perceive life, through their eyes. With this information you can create a marketing plan and ultimately a successful sale.

I believe this lesson can be applied to many aspects of life. For example, back in March one of my 4 children, whom I would like to keep private informed my wife, Pat and I just how unhappy they were. They told us their childhood was horrible! We are terrible parents and never taught them anything. They are angry about the foods we fed them as a child and blamed us for their broken relationships. There is much more but I prefer to keep it private. But, you get the idea.

They are unhappy! So unhappy they packed their bags and moved to California by the end mid-May.

As you might imagine, Pat and I were devastated and heart broken. Like most parents, you never what to see any of your child that unhappy. For days we questioned what kind of parents we were. Where did we go wrong? No one taught us how to be a parent. We learned from what we saw, life through our eyes.

We asked our other three children what they thought. Are we that bad of parents? Did they have horrible childhoods? Are they unhappy? Did they see their sibling’s childhood as they described it? 

The consensus was that we aren’t bad parents. They are all happy and felt they all had great childhoods. They didn’t see where their sibling’s view was coming from.

That’s because none of us had seen life through their sibling’s eyes. We didn’t live through their experiences. If we had, we might have been as unhappy as they are. Maybe we wouldn’t be unhappy. Two people can experience the same exact thing and get something different out of it. All Pat and I can do now is have compassion and help them find happiness.

Look around at what is going on in our country right now. The passion people have for their views and beliefs are incredible. We may not always agree with or understand someone else’s view but that’s because we don’t see life through their eyes. That’s okay. We didn’t see life through John Smith’s eyes.

It is okay to disagree, not understand, or not see someone’s view point but, show some compassion and respect. If you do, a small piece of the world will be better because of it.


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