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Good, Better, Best! Never Let It Rest. 'Til The Good Is Better And The Better Best

Jun 16, 2021

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. “Til your good is better and your better is best!” A phrase the late Coach John Merlino taught me in high school. Whether it is through the struggles of 23 years in business or training for a race it is one phrase I live my life by.

Recently I ran in the Connecticut Master Games. This race is a microcosm of my life. I normally wouldn’t share a personal experience because I am a very private person. But, I thought in this case it would help you understand what makes me tick.  

I ran the 50 and 100-meter races at the Northeast region CT Masters games. If you aren’t familiar with the master’s games they are similar to the Olympics but for older adults. You compete against people your age and gender, so I competed against men between the ages of 60 to 64 years old.

This race would be my first official race, ever! I always was fast, but never the fastest kid.  I played organized football and lacrosse....

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How Jim Ryan And A Violinist Will Help You Stop Procrastinating

May 26, 2021

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, what a huge day. It’s the day Governor Lamont removed all Covid-19 restrictions on businesses. If you’re vaccinated it's back to normal. Those people not vaccinated have to wear a mask when they are not able to practice social distancing. Finally light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve been coaching people for over 30 years. Every day I get up looking forward to helping people reach their goals.  Covid-19 put a little kibosh on that. Guiding people through the pandemic presented some very different challenges. I had to step up my game. But now it’s coming to an end. It’s time for people to get after it again!

I recently listened to a presentation by fitness pioneer, Martin Rooney and feel the need to share his message. The focus of his presentation was to give coaches/trainers information on how to survive the pandemic.  Much of Martin’s message can be applied to help people either start or get back to exercise and...

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#1 Thing People Worry About As They Age

May 14, 2021

When new clients come through my door, we put them through our FMS (Functional Movement Screening) screening. Many times during the screening, they realize that they've lost some balance over the years, balance they didn’t realize they had lost until the screening. All of a sudden the client has a mindset shift. The loss of balance sparks the fear of falling. Now balance becomes one of their fitness goals. Which is good, but is it their balance that they're looking to improve? 

You can have great balance and still fall. Don’t get me wrong, balance is important and needs to be trained, but there is much more to fall prevention. Preventing the fall once you lose your balance or when an accident occurs is key to injury prevention. 

There are times when we fall, and it has nothing to do with our balance. For example, you are standing at the edge of a curb and someone knocks into you from behind. Boom, the next thing you know you're falling. 

That fall had...

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Heart Rate Monitors may be Sabotaging Your Results

Oct 23, 2020

If you know me you know I am a huge proponent of utilizing a heart rate monitor when performing energy systems training, ie cardio. It creates accountability and a customized, effective workout. But, that monitor may just be messing up your efforts to burn fat.

I just finished up my conditioning workout. My calf hasn’t quite healed enough to perform speed workouts so I did 12 300-yard shuttles. A 300-yard shuttle is running back and forth at a distance of 25 yards 6 times. Yea it is hard but I love the challenge. Shuttle runs allow me to run; get in some conditioning while protecting my calf.

Monitor on completely focused on my performance and heart rate response, I began my workout. About halfway through my workout, I hear the app say “you are burning fat”. I typically don’t pay any attention to what the app says. I am focused on my heart rate and performance. Then it said it again, “you are burning fat”. It hit me like a brick upside the head! I...

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How Dac Prescott Fuels My Attitude!

Oct 17, 2020

It is 6:30 AM Saturday, October 17th and I just finished my strength training workout. People may question why I am working out at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. Don’t you even sleep in? First, I understand the importance of sticking to a sleep schedule so I am up by 5:00 AM every day. Second, I know I have a busy day and wanted to get my workout in.

Today would have been the Master’s Race. Like many events it has been cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. It hasn’t been re-scheduled but when it is I want to be ready. If I slack off now all the previous year’s training would be wasted.

Attitude is everything. Did you hear what Dac Prescott said the other day? If you aren’t familiar with whom Dac is he is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He was on his way to having the best season of his already great career. No, I am not a Dallas Cowboys or Dac . But, I do admire his attitude.

Last Sunday, Dac suffered a season ending compound fracture and...

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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Oct 09, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even the gloomiest of situations can have a silver lining. Only you can determine your attitude. I found this to be so true recently.

As you know I have been training for the master games. First they were postponed from May to October and now they are cancelled indefinitely.

Now, I am certainly disappointed. Training for almost a year, five to six days a week only to have the games cancelled is a real bummer. As it turns out it was blessing.

On September, 7 Labor Day I headed to the track to perform a workout I had performed successfully three other times. Only this time I wasn’t so successful.  

I did my warm up, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Then after completing 30 minutes of acceleration training, I moved on to my speed training. I positioned myself in the blocks and got into the start position. In my head I said "on your mark, get set, go!" Then exploded out of the blocks. As I landed my first step out of the blocks I fell to...

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See Life Through John Smith's Eyes

Oct 01, 2020

“If you can see life through John Smith’s eyes, you can sell John Smith what John Smith buys”. This is a marketing lesson my business mentor, Alwyn Cosgrove taught me years ago. I apply it to my business daily. To sell a client or to a person in your target market you must first have an in-depth understanding of what they want. What are their needs? To do this you have to have an understanding of how they perceive life, through their eyes. With this information you can create a marketing plan and ultimately a successful sale.

I believe this lesson can be applied to many aspects of life. For example, back in March one of my 4 children, whom I would like to keep private informed my wife, Pat and I just how unhappy they were. They told us their childhood was horrible! We are terrible parents and never taught them anything. They are angry about the foods we fed them as a child and blamed us for their broken relationships. There is much more but I prefer to keep it...

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Everything in Moderation

Sep 24, 2020

There are no more confusing subjects than exercise and nutrition. We eat each and every day of our lives giving us a sense of what and how we should eat. Most people have done some form of exercise in their lives so that should give us a good idea of what to do.  There is constant plethora of exercise and nutrition information coming at us from every angle; magazine covers, celebrities, social media, television. You name the media outlet and it is feeding us exercise and nutrition information. Combine these and bomb we have a mad scientist concocting a secret potion. It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on how one should eat and how we should exercise and in some cases they feel they are experts.

As you might imagine as a fitness coach I find myself in exercise and nutrition discussions all the time. Whether it is about weight loss, athletic performance, disease prevention/treatment or living longer I am constantly talking about exercise and nutrition. Don’t get me...

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Is it a Sacrifice or Decision?

Sep 17, 2020

CANCELLED!! The Connecticut Master Games for 2020 have joined the long list of event cancellations. Like most events or gathers of large number people safety is the number one concern of the event coordinators and they needed to cancel.

 Damm this pandemic!! What a disappointment.  I can relate to all the other athletes that have had their seasons cancelled. I am extremely frustrated, first postponing the games from May until October, now cancelled. I have been training consistently for these games for a year. All those hours training; lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week and running 2 to 3 times week. I also had to overcome injuries along the way. FRUSTRATED!!!

Some would say I sacrifice a lot of time, effort and energy but I see it differently. First I am fitter, faster, stronger, and more explosive that I was a year ago. It wasn’t a sacrifice at all. It was a decision. I decided to put in all the work. It was my choice to training rather than do other things and I...

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A Lesson Learned from Starter Blocks

Sep 10, 2020

YouTube can be my best friend. I like to think of myself as a replacement mechanic. A do it yourself kind of guy. Dryer breaks, look up the problem on YouTube, order the part and replace it, simple. The same holds true for most projects around the house from replacing brakes on a car to resurfacing my deck. Research the project on YouTube and do it. Diagnosing a problem normally doesn’t work out well but remove and replacing a part is definitely doable.

That wasn’t the case with learning how to properly set up starter blocks and takeoff out of the blocks. I have been training to compete in the 50 and 100 meter dash in this year’s Master Games for over a year. Due to the pandemic the games were postponed from May to October. That actually worked out great. It gave me more time to prepare. My Father’s Day gift was a set of starter blocks for the race. Yes, a bit unusual for a 61 year dad but it was time get serious!

Excitedly I jumped on YouTube to figure out...

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