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We Help People 40+ Get Fit, Feel Younger, Live Better

Most people lose energy, strength and the ability to enjoy life as they age. At Y.E.S. Fitness, we help people age 40+ live longer and enjoy those extra years!

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Your Health Doesn't have to Decline as you Age

The average mindset of most adults on aging is that at beginning at age 40 individuals are on a slippery slope of decline into old age and death - every year a little fatter, slower, weaker, and in more pain. The truth is, it is easy to find yourself on that slippery slope. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to get off that slippery slope. You're not alone. Don't accept that prescriptions and pain are normal outcomes, because they're not! At Y.E.S. Fitness we helped thousands of people just like you, feel strong, fit and healthy all day long! Our program will help you live longer, healthier and enjoy those extra years!

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Knowing where to start can be very confusing. We know this and care deeply about your experience. Here are three simple step to get started.
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2. Sit down with one of our coaches to determine where your body is now so that you have all the critical information you need before even considering joining our coaching center.
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Hear What People Just Like You Say About Y.E.S.

Improved My Health - Chip

Before I started working out Y.E.S. Fitness I was out of shape and had some health problems like low bone density and heart problems ...

I Feel Great - Anne

I feel great! I can honestly say that I feel as if I can do anything I want to do. Age does not stop me because I feel I have the physical ability to ...

I'm More Flexible - Lynn

Before I started working out I was an athlete wannabee, an inhaler , and weight struggles. After working out regularly at Y.E.S. Fitness, I no ...

Affordable Programs with Everything You Need to Succeed!

Customized Coaching

Eliminate all confusion of not knowing what works and what doesn't with a customized program that evolves as you progress. Workouts built for your body, your schedule and your level of fitness to maximize your results and safety.

Remote Coaching

Frustrated you just can't get to the gym? All our programs have flexible scheduling. Our professional coaches will customize a program for your level of fitness and lifestyle to be performed at Y.E.S. or in the comfort of your own home.

Group Programs

 Stay motivated by working out in a friendly environment with your piers in our group classes. They are designed to work together to MAXIMIZE your results! Our scientifically proven workout formats help you lose fat, inches and get stronger.

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All our programs are back by our NO RISK 100% FULL GUARANTEE.

30-Day Jump-Start

Frustrated you can't get started exercising? You're not alone. Many people experience the same problem. This program is designed specifically to get someone started.  Tone-up by performing exercises selected specifically for you. Lose fat while following a meal plan that works for your lifestyle. Have piece of mind knowing a coach guides you all the way to maximize your result! NO RISK 100% FULL GUARANTEED!

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The 9 Secrets to Fat Loss After Age 40!

Act NOW and get the EXACT  TECHNIQUES that will provide you with the knowledge to lose that Stubborn Fat so you can start feeling great about yourself, again! Everything shared here is tested and proven at Y.E.S. Fitness over the last 20 years. Add these secrets to your diet and you'll feel the difference Fast!

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Schedule Your FREE Strategy Session!

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